Home Value

It would be fair to say that everyone who owns a property has an idea of what it is worth, but what can you do to ensure you achieve the maximum price for your property. There many commonsense factors you can apply to reach a sensible price including

  • Start close to home. If there any houses in your street for sale, check the asking price and compare the specification.
  • Check the local area. If properties of similar specification are for sale in your local area, check the asking price.
  • Look in your local papers and property press for similar specification properties and check the price.

If you study the information available for a few weeks, you will soon have an understanding of the value of your property and knowledge of your local property market. Other factors to include in your calculations include:

  • How recently has the house been decorated?
  • Is the house double-glazed?
  • Does the property have central heating?
  • Is the kitchen a fitted kitchen?
  • Does it have a modern bathroom suite?
  • Does the property have a garage?
  • Has the property been extended?
  • Is the property in a good location for a main areas, shops, schools etc?
  • Is the property freehold or leasehold?

A well as a price for the property, you will also need to assess your fixtures and fittings. This will be in the form of a list, describing what can be included at what cost. This might include:

  • Carpets - depending on condition and quality
  • Wall Lights
  • Curtains - depending on condition and quality
  • Kitchen appliances Stoves/Ovens, refrigerator and other fitted units.

If you study the local property market and take into account the factors discussed here you will be able to achieve a good price for your home and depending upon the buyers taste, achieve a fair price for your fixtures and fittings.

If you are interested in finding out how much your home may be worth, you can fill out the inquiry form and Al will be happy to get you some information.