So often clients, both current and past, desire to update or redecorate before occupancy or after living in their home for several years. With my experience in property management Iíve created relationships with local and regional companies that can offer them great services and products. Below are a few links and phone numbers to companies and individuals that I know, trust and feel comfortable in recommending. If you don't find what you are looking for in this list, please feel free to call, we can provide services from appliances to zebras!

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Appliance repair
Joe Fisher 419-356-7008

Jim Phillips 419-826-7246
Doug Ciboro 419-243-5600
George Schlumbohm 419-262-0348
Randy Oates 419-304-2560

Carpets by Otto 419-381-7206

Cleaning Services
Danielle 419-351-9965
Michelle Hume 419-878-9152
Tina Wozniak 419-382-0668
Denise Fox 419-389-1937

Great Lakes 419-480-1235
Pierce 419-865-5351
Regent 419-841-1942

Foundation Repair
Seagate 419-578-7979

Gutter Cleaning
A-1 Ann More 419-865-1941

Heating & A/C
Metro Heating 419-478-3425
All Seasons 419-476-6524
Buckeye 419-255-6260

Lawn Care
Elite Lawn 419-382-2779
Springfield 419-865-6994
Waltz 419-250-7569

Mortgage & Title Work
Savage Mortgage - Bill Horn 419-283-5757
Louisville Title 419-248-4611

Parker Painting 419-865-8280
John Williams 419-861-4129
Andy Harshman 419-276-3413
Gary Thompson 419-882-7617
Bob Bernardo 419-472-9039

Pest Control
A&S Pest Control 419-873-0998
Delroy 419-244-6498
Ram Extermination 419-693-8983

Ameritech Plumbing 419-729-2900

Roofing Contractors
Hatfield 419-836-9863
Seagate 419-536-0027

Sewer Cleaning
Interior Channel 419-726-9331
Speedy Sewer 419-475-0552

Residential Snow Removal
Ryan Waltz 419-654-7569

Tile Repair/Install
Mccarthy Tile 419-882-7976

Tree Removal
Randal Woods 419-917-3708
John Scare 419-340-5994

Wallpaper Installation
Dan Kramer 419-474-3016
John Williams 419-350-5380

Window Replacement
Glass Masters 419-861-4020
George Schlum 419-262-0348